Yan-Qi Lake International Conference (simply abbreviated as YC*) is a high-end international academic forum initiated by the CAS.  It aims at establishing a top-level Chinese platform for international academic exchange and communication, and promoting disciplinary construction and development.  In order to focus on specific topics of frontier sciences with in-depth discussion, the YC is designed to consist of three parts: presentations (1/3 of time), discussions (1/3 of time) and scientific excursions (1/3 of time). The conference is normally limited to 50 participants with a 1:1 ratio of domestic and international scientists. Its highly expected outputs will include scientific articles and advisory reports.

The major theme of this first YC is Climate Change and Biologically-driven Ocean Carbon Sequestration. It will address three grand topics: Marine carbon sequestration mechanisms and processes, Numerical modeling for forecasting marine carbon sequestration, and Marine carbon protocols. Different from other ocean science meetings, this conference is featured by emphases on land-ocean interaction, science-technology integration, ancient-modern-ocean comparison, as well as science-policy connection.

 The prospective outcomes of this first YC include 1) three review papers on the above theme topics; 2) an advisory report to the Chinese government regarding climate change and marine carbon service; 3) a special issue in Science China – Earth Science;  4) a topic-section including three articles and a discussion forum in National Science Review; and 5) a collective report toward the needs for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th assessment report where special chapters on marine ecosystems are included for the first time.

*Note: The short name of “Yan-Qi Lake International Conference” —— “YC” sounds like ”why say”, which means there must be enough reasons to speak, and thus YC is an imperative and important forum.